life insurance company India

the Indian poor people take lic not use this money fully life payment but last return money very less money better don’t take policy. only for gain the lic agents better investment post office. lic is better black money people only. by arockia lic money loss person.


* A Hindu friend wrote about the ongoing Muslim festival *
(See you also read it)

The greatest festival of Islam was the fasting of the fast.

They cracked fire crackers and did not pollute the air,

 Land did not shrink.

# Dye mixed plastic materials dissolve and do not pollute the water level.

Anything was broken on the road and not hurt others.

# The fire did not hamper the fire on the road.

# The police have come to visit their prayers today and have not been hit by the police.

Today they are not afraid of anybody who feared them.

#No one of them has not come to cinema theaters.

# Tasmaq stores do not have any specialty sales.

No confusion occurred between the # fight dispute cut.

# No shopkeeper has eaten and does not hit the keeper without paying for it.

# They ate and drank, and gave them to eat.

# God sacrificed animals for the sake of God without giving them the flesh.

# Collect the skins of the animals to help the poor.

There are many advantages.

 Even in the festivities, why do you bother them for the benefit of the poor?